The Sherman Grinberg Film Library, located in Chatsworth, CA., is the world's oldest and largest privately held film archive, with over 50 moving image libraries. The library has over 20 million feet of film with content that ranges from 1895 to 1957.

The collection includes the famous Paramount newsreels "Eyes of the World" (1927 - 1929 the silent newsreels) and "Eyes and Ears of the World" newsreels (1930 -1957 the "talkies"). The Grinberg collection includes the entire American Pathe' newsreel library which is the oldest American newsreel collection starting in 1895 to 1956.  

In addition, the Grinberg library has the complete collection of:

  • Greatest Headlines of the Century
  • Sportfolio
  • complete collection of the Universal newsreel year enders ranging from 1929 to 1966

Numerous private collections that vary in topics, including:

  • Industry on Parade
  • Allied Artist scenic stock footage
  • Selmur WWII theatric reenactment

Various scenic libraries starting from 1930 to 1950 covering

  • San Francisco
  • India
  • Bel Air Library; which contains street scenes and city landscapes from around the world

The robust Grinberg collection begins with footage starting in 1895, when Pathe started sending its reporters, armed with talented and artistic camera operators, to just about every historic event. These cameras covered military operations including

  • wars
  • Presidential campaigns
  • the Hindenburg disaster
  • the Lindbergh trial
  • sporting events including historic legends, entertainment and just about every important event in America as it unveiled the amazing 20th Century.

In fact, it was these newsreels that made these events important to the public. The film was artfully shot with framing and camera angles that are lost to today's "point-and-shoot" news teams and the images recorded and printed on silver nitrate.

Much of our footage is unique and unforgettable. Fortunately, the nitrate has been cleaned and maintained over the years; it is in pristine condition. Grinberg is in the process of digitizing the library into a 4K format, the result being the film will remain as clear as the day it was shot. Grinberg owns the scanner that will digitize the film.  Additionally, Grinberg will also be able to produce still photos from its moving images. 

We have a 24 hour delivery turnaround in digital formats from 4K to H.264